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Medicenna Announces New Clinical Data Showing Dose-Dependent Stimulation of Anti-Cancer Immune Cells with MDNA11 in the Phase 1/2 ABILITY Study


May 2, 2022

  • Levels of Ki67+ expression by CD8+ T cells and NK cells increased by 17-fold and 10-fold, respectively, in the third cohort (30 μg/kg dose) when compared to baseline
  • NK cell / Treg and CD8+T cell / Treg ratios increased by 4.4-fold and 2.6 fold, respectively, at the 30 μg/kg dose, demonstrating superior stimulation of cancer fighting immune cells.
  • Significant dose-dependent increases in CD8+ T (>3-fold) and NK (>6-fold) cells indicates potential for further expansion of anti-tumor immune cells as dose-escalation continues